PreciousMane online is entitled to alter the content of the online shop and the terms & conditions at all times. The following terms of payment and delivery apply to all orders placed through the PreciousMane online shop.

1. Order terms: The minimum of an order is 100grams. Order can be a mix of different inches and (or) hair color. Order will be rejected if terms are not met.

2. Payment terms: Payment in advance is mandatory. PreciousMane products will be sent on receipt of payment for the total amount due.

3.Order confirmation: All products displayed in the e-shop are not binding upon PreciousMane until PreciousMane has sent out an order confirmation.

4. Agreement: By sending out an order to PreciousMane you enter into an agreement with PreciousMane-online, and you accept the statements made in the agreement and the terms & conditions as stated here.

5. Delivery: Delivery take place within 1 to 2 weeks after receipt of the order and payment has been made. PreciousMane is not responsible for negligence on behalf of the shipper. If a product is not in stock or available at the time the order is placed the customer will be notified. The customer can then choose to receive the products at a later date or to cancel the order.

6. Return Policy: PreciousMane event tickets are non-refundable.

Preciousmane will only take back those products that do not correspond with the order that has been placed and is properly returned by the customer without any damages to the label or to the hair. PreciousMane can not be held liable for the wrong choice of colour made by the customer, wrong hair treatment or wrong hair maintenance.

7. Insurance: Shipment charges include insurance. PreciousMane online insures the shipment up to a value of £500.

8. Privacy: PreciousMane will not give out any client information to third parties to warrant the privacy of her customers.

9. Complaints: Any complaints towards PreciousMane regarding products delivered are to be made in writing and sent to PreciousMane by registered mail within 7 calendar days upon receipt of the products. You can also submit your complaint, within 3 calendar days upon receipt of the products by sending out an e-mail to All complaints will be handled with the proper care and matter of urgency.

10. Major: Every individual who places an order acknowledges to be major or to be authorized by a major to place the order and enter into the agreement with PreciousMane.


Privacy: PreciousMane will not give out any client information to third parties to warrant the privacy of her customers.

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